Washtech represents the leading equipment manufacturer in the industry today, however, regardless of the sophistication of the equipment the proper car care solutions are required to give you a clean and shiny vehicle in the touch free car wash environment. That is why we have teamed-up with CSI (Cleaning Systems, Inc.) the manufacturers of Lustra® brand car wash solutions.

Lustra® Professional Car Care Products provide the ultimate in cleaning performance and long-term protection for your vehicle, thereby safeguarding and increasing the life span of your investment.  Lustra® products are specifically formulated to take full advantage of the cleaning abilities of the car wash equipment and send you on your way knowing your vehicle has been treated by the very best.

When you see the Lustra® logo and friendly LustraBear mascot on marketing materials at a car wash you can rest assured your vehicle is being cleaned with safe and environmentally friendly professional car care products.