New Partnership with Micro Logic

RFID has been making waves in the tunnel wash business for several years. Now we are pleased to tell you that RFID is here for the rest of us. In Bay Automatics and Self service operators can now offer unlimited wash packages and club membership through their existing wash equipment. Washtech has partnered with Micro Logic to bring RFID to your wash.  
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Lustra Introduces Ultraflex

In today's market we all must look for ways to save money. Washtech and Lustra will be introducing Ultraflex at the ICA show this week. Ultraflex will change the way you look at Car Wash solutions forever. This revolutionary  change will  put you in the drivers seat controlling your Car wash solutions through complete customization so your customers have strong sensory experience that will keep them coming back. To learn more about Ultraflex click here.



Introducing Hydra-Flex

Hydra-Flex is a new product creating a lot of buzz in the industry. Hydra flex changes the way we put products on cars. Maximize your car wash solution application, put out better cars and save money. Your car wash guys at Washtech know how. Learn more here.


Ultraflex - Hydra-Flex Combo Offer

Do you want the ultimate experience for your customer at the best delivered price? Consider the Ultraflex, Hydra-Flex combo, only available at WASHTECH.


Check Out the CCWE 2010 Parts Show Specials

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The Washtech Commitment

At Washtech we are committed  to bring you the best products in the market and save you money while increasing the level of customer satisfaction you are delivering at your wash - Its that simple.

Craig Hanson