The Summer  days are longer and business seems to drag in very reluctantly. Most car counts are off and we all get use to a slower pace. Every one is on vacation. This seems tempting, we work hard all year, now is the time to relax, or is it?

Can we really afford to relax? Or that now that the wash is a little bit slower its time to get in the wash and drive efficiency into our systems. The buzz at his years ICA show was all about improving wash quality while taking cost out.

If you missed the ICA show, here are some links featuring  what we thought were the coolest things at the show. Be sure to listen to the pod cast show wrap up. It’s a good investment in your time. Your Washtech Guys are up on all of this stuff as well.

All of these ideas are about taking the water out of washing and making us more efficient. We are also focused on the energy side of wash expenses. Both electrical and Gas cost are not coming down. In some cases they are going up dramatically. Car Wash Management Integrators focuses on taking the Bite out of electrical increases using Variable frequency drives and intelligent motor control. Both of these concepts are musts when trying to use today’s technology to  keep costs under control.


Skyline Innovations

In the car wash business we heat fluid. We do this both to make our washes more efficient and to heat our buildings,( i.e. floor heat). In self service some operators heat a lot of there water to give themselves a competitive advantage over those that don’t. Washtech has partnered with Skyline Innovations to bring you a solar solution. Washtech can assist you in reducing your heating costs with a "No out of Pocket" expense application that will reduce what you pay or allow you to heat more for less. Washtech is selling and installing solar thermal systems. To learn how click here now.



The Washtech Logo and The New Green "E"

For several years we have been working on our green positioning. Our Equipment is green, our products are green and now we will add some green to our name. The Washtech logo will now feature a green E. Some said we should change all the Logo. I am partial to the Blue with the Red Stripe. It’s a personal thing, hopefully it means something to you.



Car Wash Fun

Click on this link to see videos of "15 People Who Don't Know How to Use a Car Wash".

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