Q: How does a carwash investment work?

A: The investment is substantial and the process is not particularly simple. The decision to invest in a carwash should be the result of a well directed and thoughtful process. Key ingredients include a professional commercial broker, a trusted lender, a reputable engineering and contracting firm, a professional distributor, and of course, your own commitment of time and effort.

The more steps you can take toward solid pre-qualification and the front-end expertise you can receive from others, the easier all the pieces will fall in place towards a timely and seamless completion.

As an exclusive PDQ distributor with a long and successful track record of hundreds of projects, Washtech is well equipped to help orchestrate the process.

Q: What does a carwash investment look like?

A: Each site should dictate its own investment requirements, and every good carwash investment should reflect the highest and best use of the property. A thorough study of all variables will determine the best complement and combination of equipment and systems. Generally, the one-third rule applies: One third of the total investment will be tagged to land, one third to site development and building, and one third to equipment.

With our collective experience and expertise, Washtech is well qualified to help you determine the highest and best use of your carwash site, to provide the best system or combinations of systems for maximize productivity, and to support your long term success.

Q: Can I make money in the carwash business?

A: The degree of success of your investment will likely be determined by the degree of initial planning, professional execution and ongoing support. We are a car-driving culture, which blesses the carwashing industry with an astounding demand, but only the best will enjoy high yielding ROI.

Our proven models and long-term support structure has allowed hundreds of Washtech customers to reap very attractive returns and enjoy the satisfaction of owning highly successful businesses.

Q: What kind of property do I need and will my site work for a carwash?

A: As Washtech clients, you will gain a clear direction through our proven site analysis and proforma models. The following general guidelines will give you a place of beginning.

Self Service Site Selection Criteria

Ideal Self Service Site Parameters:

  • Average passing speed: 25 -45 mph

  • On "going home" side of street.

  • At least 1 block from traffic signal or stop sign.

  • Non-divided roadway.

  • Side street or alley access.

  • Sign visibility of at least 500 ft.

  • In proximity to:

    • shopping centers

    • discount department stores

    • grocery stores

    • local traffic

  • Proper zoning.

  • Avoid heavily traveled transient traffic locations.

  • Gas, city water, sewer.

  • Stacking room for cars behind each bay.

  • Wide enough to place building parallel to street.

  • Ideal Demographics:

  • Population within a 3 mile radius of at least 2,000 people per bay.

  • Multiple family dwellings are ideal:

    • Condos

    • Apartments


  • Middle income, well kept neighborhood is a good match for self service car washing.

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