Thank you for visiting the Washtech website! Most of the site information pertains to carwash investors, operators and owners, and so, we devote this part to you, the end user. We believe the carwash systems we have installed, the solutions our customers use, and the facilities they've built are the best in the marketplace. We're sure you'll agree!

One of our products, the PDQ Laserwash replaces the use of brushes or cloth, and instead, relies upon the use and application of high quality water and solutions at regulated pressures. Water, presoaks, conditioners, and waxes are the only things that touch the car. The high tech, computerized Laserwash can easily be programmed and customized by the owner/operator to achieve superior cleaning of your vehicle. Part of the PDQ Laserwash formula for success is great consumer acceptance and loyalty. Time-tested reliability, superior cleaning design and user-friendliness are hallmarks of the Laserwash that will assure you of a safe, convenient, quality car wash every time!

Call 1-800-448-4735 to find the nearest Laserwash in your area!

(only applies to those residents in the Mid-Atlantic area)

Across the country, there is an increasing awareness of water conservation and environmental sensitivity, and certainly car washes are in the crosshairs of that focus. Conscientious, successful car wash owner/operators are almost always leading the cause towards water reclamation and conservation, "green" product usage, workplace safety, and community involvement.

Ask the owner of your favorite car wash what responsible measures he is taking in response to these issues. Most will be happy to tell you. In return, we suggest that you reward them with your business!

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