Washtech Custom



In our industry there is no set way to wash a car. In fact opinions and preferences vary widely! Pulling from a variety of top of the line manufactures, Washtech Custom enables owners to design wash equipment packages with their specific needs in mind. Talk with your local business development specialist to see how Washtech Custom can help you tweak your wash to produce cleaner dryer shinier cars. We also have componets, Mitters, Wraps, Side brushes, Van Highs and Rockers.

Sonny's is the #1 top selling conveyor car wash equipment manufacturer in the world. Designed and manufactured by Sonnys, here in the USA. That means customers get the benefit of better service, quality and constant product improvement.


PDQ, the global leaders in touchfree equipment manufacturing, produces world-class systems that include the Laserwash 4000, the Laserwash G5-S, the new Laserwash M5, the RT 200 Tandem friction wash, the Access Management System, the Max Air Dryer and the Spectrawash system.


CSI, leading manufacturers of the highest quality car wash cleaning and protection solutions, including famous Lustra products, are also known for their commitment to customer service, support, and success.

Unitec Electronics line of premium, reliable car wash entry systems may only be surpassed by their level of after-sale service and support.


GinSan, renowned leaders in self service carwash equipment manufacturing, produces a full line of best in class self serve equipment, including the GinSan Ultra and Ultimate System.



Westmatic wash systems are specifically designed for washing heavy vehicles including trucks, buses and trains. Westmatic can also provide complete turnkey wash halls with advanced water treatment and self-service systems which leads to increased profitability.

Carolina Pride



At Carolina Pride Carwash Inc. our passion is designing self-service car wash systems to fit your every need. Each system is manufactured with industrial grade components and the best parts available to our industry today. The PERFORMAâ„¢ 6000 Six Bay Wash System comes as a complete system with foaming tire cleaner, pre-soak, high-pressure soap foaming brush, high-pressure rinse and wax.





HFI manufactures innovative components use by the vehicle wash industry, including chemical injectors and chemical delivery systems. CHEM-FLEX Injectors are designed to inject fluids or air into lines conveying liquids under pressure. These can be combined into a HYDRA-CANNON Manifold for delivering multiple chemicals to your vehicle wash. The AQUA-LAB is a chemical delivery system designed to automate and simplify delivery of liquid chemicals for a wide variety of vehicle wash and industrial applications. AQUA-LAB systems include pumps, solenoids, injectors, pressure regulators and manifolds all mounted, pre-wired and pre-plumbed into a plug-and-play system.





MicroLogic offers complete Point Of Sale (POS) solutions focused largely in the Lube, Parking and Car Washing industries along with a variety of other business types.

Our POS solutions offer features such as customer tracking, loyalty promotion, time clock, coupon control, prepaid books, wireless handhelds and many additional options that can be customized to meet your business needs.

MicroLogic generates exceptional results for our clients by providing the latest technologies to streamline operations, increase sales, enhance customer loyalty and reduce costs offerring a competitive solution backed by outstanding customer support.

A partnership with Skyline Innovations is a simple solution to two of the biggest problems facing the carwash industry today, high energy costs and efforts to be environmentally friendly. Both of these solutions come with no out of pocket costs to you. Skyline Innovations is a Green Power company that provides small and medium sized business owners with the opportunity to take advantage of renewable energy while solving the problems that are often associated with it, particularly the high cost of technology and lack of knowledge about the market. Skyline Innovations will design, fund, install, and maintain a solar thermal system on your rooftop, at no cost to you. Your business will utilize the energy it generates at a guaranteed savings compared to the energy from your utility. Furthermore, we will provide your business with a percentage of any additional recurring value, such as renewable energy credits.

With pride and confidence, Washtech represents numerous other manufacturers of fine car wash products and related equipment, including: Con-Serv Hamilton Industrial Vacs Pur-Clean Genesis