Carolina Pride Carwash, Inc. has been working hard to improve the car wash industry for more than 40 years.

Located in Roxboro, NC, Carolina Pride is committed to bringing only the very best technology and equipment to our customers. Dale Reynolds, president of Carolina Pride is a second-generation car care professional. Being car wash owners ourselves for more than three decades puts us in the position of really understanding our customers and their needs. We know the importance of superior quality and reliability in car wash equipment. We continually field-test our existing and new products before putting them in the field to ensure that our investors and operators have the most reliable products on the market today. Our goal is to offer a complete package that provides you with the greatest profit potential possible.

Our products are customized for every customer's needs no matter how big or small. The flexibility of our PERFORMA system allows our customers to create the best system for their individual needs. Our quality equates to: Flexibility, Profitability, and Dependability.

The Mercury car wash payment system is another innovation brought to you by Carolina Pride that brings the power of the Internet to your car wash. Mercury allows you to utilize high-speed Internet
connections to process credit cards in a fraction of the time required for standard dial-up systems. The high - speed connection lets you pre-authorize credit cards in just seconds before activating the self-serve car wash system or vacuum. It can also track and manage your fleet accounts remotely, e-mail fleet accounts special end-of-day messages, and generate additional revenue. You can also get current activity reports online, track revenue per bay or vacuum by coins, dollar bills, credit cards or fleet cards.

We take pride in helping your business grow with our high level of experience and trained professionals, our new and innovative products, and superior quality. The end result is increased revenues per bay and increased profits overall. When you invest in a new car wash, the equipment you buy is the most important part of your investment. It will ultimately bring in the revenue, which will pay for your location, building and any additional expenses. We understand the importance of this investment and you can count on us for the best value and reliability.