GinSan is a leading manufacturer of electronic controls for the self-serve car wash industry; its products can be found in most every manufacturer's equipment.

The "Ultimate System" is a complete car wash package designed to properly clean the clear coat finish and many plastic body components of today's vehicles.

This system is designed specifically to meet the needs of the self-service carwash operator. The "Ultimate System" encompasses proven technology, providing the self-serve operator with confidence and peace of mind. Each system is prewired, preplumbed and vigorously tested before leaving our plant, assuring simple, trouble-free operation.

Making sure customers receive a clean vehicle is the top priority. GinSan's WaterLovers Reverse Osmosis System assures a spot-free rinse that leaves the customer satisfied. Our Touchtron II pushbutton, unique to the industry, provides a convenient function selection. We are proud of our reputation for quality and our long history of customer support. We furnish self-service car wash owners/operators with environmentally safe, high quality, dependable products, and provide the support of skilled professionals ready to assist the customer.